Memories Will Always Stay

When will I get over you The heart of the hopelessly true Caring about very few Should I be looking for someone new

The memories are always there But I'm starting not to care With you such innocence that I share Its true life, isn't fair

But every time I hear your voice I remember my late night choice To want you by my side Remembering why I lied In the bead where I've cried

They said it would be hard As I look over your things and card So why do feelings have to stay Even as I wake up to begin the day I'm tired now and don't know what to say

So I hope you can get over me And start to begin what I see Us is no longer we Nothing is ever meant to be So I won't call you today Because I don't have much to say

Lazily in my bed where by my side you used to lay Memories of you will always stay....


Every time you've lost the touch Remembering isn't much memories of such

I feel it in the air Beginning to care I remember it through amazing blue Reminds me of looking into you My eyes yours once knew too

The haunting smell of comfort Painful hurt Saying much bit nothing at all The leaves if summer turn to Fall Your voice with my name call Comfort, how it hurt When you're there Or when you weren't

Certain things bring back our name For some of which I feel shame Sparks such memory Wishing my  mind could let me be It seems still at night your face I see

The white of snow, a lost December When it snows I close my eyes to Remember... 


In my dreams I reach divine Where my life grows like trees filled with wine

Everything is there Never to worry or to care A life filled with no regrets My dream isn't this complex

Never thinking things through Never anything much to do Everything is what it seems Life is just a dream

Everyone is so imperfect Everything you touch becomes heaven sent